Mutant Chicken

Mutant Chicken is an arcade style twin stick shooter, where you play as a Laboratory Experiment and shoot aliens! With a plethora of guns and weapons, you have the arsenal to slaughter seemingly endless hordes, and steal their life source - Ooze! With it, you can upgrade your character, be it a hell-bent Chicken, or even war-driven Turtle, to increase your Speed, Health, etc.

Upgrades are fine and all, but what if you could... Mutate!? Since the Ooze is radioactive, it can be used to mutate into a fire-breathing beast, thunder-throwing titan, and even poison-spewing ghast!

Armed with Mutations, and insane weapons like a Flamethrower, and Honey Bee Turret, think you have what it takes to conquer Uranus and its minions?


Thomas Knox






Robert Eddie

UI/Environment Art



Character Art